Saturday, April 4, 2009

Protein Analysis

ANTHEPROT:(Analyse The Proteins) is the result of biocomputing activity at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins (Lyon, France)
STORM: - this program extracts protein sequences after ORF prediction and subsequently performs an automatic analysis for each of the proteins. This analysis consists of web-based similarity searches (BLASTp and FASTA) as well as Pfam predictions and Protparam calculations of protein physicochemical properties. The raw output for these analyses is then analysed and summarized. (Reference: Lavigne, R. et al. (2003.) Applied Bioinformatics 2: 177-179).
WinPep: - WinPep ( is a versatile tool for the analysis of protein sequences (determination of amino acid composition, molecular weight, isoelectric point, & potential posttranslational modifications. It also will search for sequence motifs, display of amino acid sequences as helical wheels, hydropathy plots, & domain structure of proteins). (Reference: L. Hennig (1999) BioTechniques 26: 1170-1172 )

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